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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.


Can I walk at graduation?

YES! Not only will you walk at graduation like any of the hundred or so other graduating Alpha seniors, but you will receive a Mifflin County High School diploma that is exactly like the diploma of students who took all of their classes in the high school building.

What if I don't have a computer?

We can lend you a computer to use when you work from home.

What kind of students are in the Alpha program?

Alpha creates an individualized learning program for every type of student. Students in Alpha range from the class valedictorian to a senior who needs to complete only 2 credits to get his/her diploma. We educate students who are athletes, part of the co-op program, have significant health issues, or are simply regular students who want to learn online.

I’m interested in Alpha, but I still want to be a part of a club or team. How does that work?

Alpha students are encouraged to be a part of all extracurricular activities just as any student who takes classes in the building would.

How much does Alpha cost?

Alpha is free for any student who resides in Mifflin County!

Do I need to log into my classes at a certain time to see the teacher?

No, Alpha classes are, for the most part, self-paced. You do the work at your own pace completing the assignments in order as you go. Students must complete a set amount of work during each marking period. 

How can a student take gym online?

Alpha offers a variety of gym classes including fitness, weight control, bowling, jogging, walking, and others. The online classes require logging what you did and taking tests related to course readings.

I’m interested in Alpha, but I heard that’s where all the students with discipline issues go. Is that true?

The OnTrack program, for students with discipline issues, is separate from Alpha. Students in the OnTrack program are not permitted to come to the Alpha computer lab during school hours.

Can I be part of Alpha if I also want to attend the Academy?

Yes, Alpha students may attend any of the Academy programs.

How will my son/daughter have his/her attendance taken if he/she is not at school?

The Alpha program has an online attendance tracker set up. Students log their attendance through the Alpha webpage anytime between 6 and 8:10AM each school day.

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